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As of May 08 2024, we’ve launched a new ticketing feature on Console Connect, making it easier for you to track problem incidents directly on the Console Connect platform. Instead of a call or email to the team to create tickets on your behalf, we’re now giving you access to create them yourself. With direct access to our ticketing system, you’ll have more visibility over any cases you raise, and the ability to see or request updates in the same app you use to manage your connectivity.

From within the Console Connect app, just head to the question mark drop-down menu next to your user picture. You’ll see a new option to report an issue, or to view your support tickets. If you’ve got a fresh issue you need to let us know about, “Report an issue” will start the process. If you already have a case in progress with us, whether it was before the launch of this tool or not, you can see the history from the “view tickets” option.

When reporting an issue, you can now select the exact service you’re reporting. You can quickly look it up in the search box, or manually provide a Sales Record if it wasn’t a service you provisioned through Console Connect’s frontend. That way, the team can quickly match up your request to the problem area. We’ll also ask you for all the relevant information about the issue that we need - be as thorough as possible, but of course we’ll get in touch if we need anything to be clarified. Just make sure you’ve got everything in place and submit, and we’ll get on it as quickly as we can.

On the tickets page, you’ll see a history of all the incidents you’ve raised with us historically. You can dig back through all the details to see all the notes and its current status or request a new one. No more digging through emails and chats to get the information you need.

Let us know what you think about this and how you’ll use it below - we’re excited to give you greater control over your ticketing.

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