Internet on Demand (IoD) IPv6 interface subnet mask

  • 10 January 2023
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After you provision the IoD service, you have everything you need to bring up IPv4 and IPv6 BGP sessions however the portal is missing the IPv6 interface subnet mask.


I reached out to the NOC and found that the typical subnet mask is /126.


Hopefully the automated information will get updated to provide this information as well as shortened IPv6 addresses. I had to use an IPv6 address compressor to make sure I had computed it correctly manually.

1 reply


Hi @itvocal-jgeiger

Thanks for your feedback, you are correct that the typical subnet mask used for our IoD services is indeed /126. Our team will be deploying a change in the next few weeks to address both the issues you have raised. 

  • Displaying the subnet mask for IPv6 on IoD services
  • Compressing / shortening IPv6 addresses 

Welcome to the community and I will reply back to this thread once the changes have gone live.