Using Console to connect to an Equinix Internet Exchange

  • 21 January 2023
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Equinix operates many popular Internet Exchanges around the world. For a long time, I was told by Equinix sales that I needed to have a cabinet and equipment in the datacenter with the IX in order to join the IX. This is no longer the case and can all be ordered (theoretically) without speaking to a sales rep.


First, register for an account at After you login, you’ll see a list of regions that have exchanges and then cities. Select the city you’d like to join. Then you’ll be able to select the port speed you’d like to join at. Keep the port speed in mind.


Now switch to the Console Connect portal and look at the Equinix locations that are onnet for ports. Order a port at the same speed as the one you are going to select on the Equinix portal. If you don’t, the link won’t come up. Be sure to note the specific building location of the port. Also note that all of the bandwidth on this port will be dedicated to the exchange as the physical port will be patched into the IX LAN.


Go back to the Equinix portal, select the correct IBX (Building location) and order the port. Console NOC will send you an LOA, attach that to the Equinix order when prompted.


It will take a few days for the Equinix order to process through and for patching to complete. In the meantime, create the connection in Console between your remote IX port and your equipment’s port. Configure both sides with a VLAN of your choice.


Now open a ticket with Console to have them manually change the connection on the Equinix side to no VLAN but a native VLAN mapped to the VLAN you chose on your equipment’s port. Hopefully in the future Console will allow you to select the Native VLAN as an option in the portal similar to other competitors.


After you get the notification from Console that the link is established, contact Equinix’s phone support to schedule an IX turn up call. This usually has a 72 hour leadtime before the call is scheduled. They will send you IP addresses ahead of time. After this call you’ll be passing traffic over the Console connection and onto the IX peering LAN.


Equinix will email you an invoice monthly and there isn’t a need to speak with sales at all. Enjoy remote peering on the Equinix Internet Exchanges!

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