Vultr and Console Connect Integration: Lower Latency, Enhanced Connectivity, and Real-Time Processing

  • 30 May 2024
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Hey everyone! Earlier this year att the Mobile World Congress, Bart and I tested the EdgeSIM for a demo, showcasing the integration of Vultr Cloud with Console Connect's CloudRouter® and EdgeSIM products. We set up and configured Layer 3 networking for an IoT device, and the results were impressive. Vultr showed significantly lower latency (71-78ms) compared to AWS (75-91ms).

For developers, this lower latency is a game-changer, especially for applications needing real-time processing like AI, machine learning, gaming, IoT, and financial services. Faster network speeds enhance user experience, improve data transfer efficiency, enable real-time processing, and support better scalability.

The use case advantages that Console Connect and Vultr bring to end users include Edge SIM connectivity and services as part of CloudRouter, making it compatible with a wide variety of clouds, enterprise buildings, and more, just like any other node. These nodes benefit from our direct connections outside the public internet.

One of Vultr's specific advantages is our GPU cloud powered by Nvidia, supporting machine learning and AI applications. This capability can be accessed through Edge SIM, which Console Connect runs differently than others in the market. Its self-service platform greatly reduces setup times, making Console Connect and Vultr the best choice for customers seeking efficient connectivity and top-notch services.

We are happy to answer any questions on Vultr and Console Connect integration and setup. For more information, check out our blog about the demo from MWC - ‘See Vultr and Console Connect in Action’.

2 replies

Thank you Kasia for describing this interesting use case. This is another showcase demonstrating instant private L3 access from a SIM enable device to any cloud provider on Console Connect. Order your SIM’s on Console Connect and try it out!

We're very excited about this too! The Vultr and Console Connect integration offers lower latency for real-time applications (like AI and ML), improving speed and responsiveness. Give it a try and share your use case with us.