Equinix SG4 and SG5 are now active on Console Connect

  • 27 February 2024
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Equinix SG4 and SG5 are now active on Console Connect
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In early 2024, Console Connect expanded its considerable reach in Singapore with two new data centre locations - Equinix’s SG4 and SG5’s data centres. Here’s what you can expect when connecting through these locations, whether you’re colocating at the site or connecting in.

SG4, Equinix’s fourth data centre location in Singapore, was completed in 2020. Along with SG5, completed in 2022, these buildings are connected to the other Equinix-operated data centres (namely SG1, SG2 and SG3, the latter of which has an onramp to Tencent Cloud) via dark fibre, providing a ring network spanning the majority of the main island.

Residing in a converted warehouse, SG4 houses seven floors of capacity, allowing for up to 4,000 cabinets. With the capacity provided by SG4, SG5 and the existing portfolio, Equinix claims to be the most network-dense data centre provider in the region, and forms a key part of the Singapore government’s Smart Nation initiative, which encourages development and innovation in the technology sector.

SG5 is one of the tallest multi-tenant data centres in the city, consisting of seven floors of purpose-built rack space hold equipment dedicated to clients of all sizes, packed efficiently to allow maximum capacity without sacrificing performance.

Singapore’s location as a regional hub in Asia Pacific has long been a strength for many industries, and connectivity is no exception. Singapore’s smart investment in emerging technologies with the Smart Nation initiative has built the perfect environment for innovation in an already thriving market. Console Connect’s 28 data centres in Singapore make it an ideal gateway to Asia Pacific, enabling you to take advantage of the opportunities presented by such a future-oriented area of the world.

Take a look in the Console Connect app today to see the wide range of connectivity available.

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